The Value of Meaning

315913_2516904801608_72501084_nWhile capitalism may bring materialistic quality and the reinsurance that one has “the finest made whatever”, it can’t feed the soul the way that God does. Yeah, your lambo’s nice, sure you can pick up an infinite number of “babes” in it, but they car will rust away and women will die sooner or later. And then you’re left with nothing.

“Hell, live in the moment!” you say… “this life’s all you got!” you say…Sure, the car is quality, and while you may objectify women left and right because they are “quality” goods, that use of the word “quality product” is a slap in the face to all things meaningful such as stable relationships that are void of vanity and providing for others instead of oneself. You need to build relationships that last forever, not those that die in this world. These are the meaningful values in life, or at least, I believe they should be because they will allow people to get their heads out of their own little kingdoms of self-centeredness and direct their attention toward God, whose always been there right behind them but they were too arrogant and busy looking forward to look back for Him.

I’m sick and tired of competition and of the fact that people wonder homeless and tired, in the cold without sustenance while self-proclaimed kings rule domains and disguise them as “governments of democracy”. I went to pick up a suit for an interview, to make a “good first impression” (because that’s important, I guess). I see consumers being consumed by the market itself. New styles left and right, discount tags everywhere. “Buy our goods!” screams the department store, “you’ll be happier once you buy more!”…What a bunch of rubbish. I feel sorry for the people caught in it all. There is so much STUFF in the world that it has become meaningless, and yet here people are believing that, if they spend more money, the product they buy will be “better” than any other. And if they can’t have the “best” then why get them anything at all, right?

So what is meaningful? The people in your life. Take care of them, for they truly are the best you could ever have without the price tag telling you so. This includes friends and strangers alike. But you complain, “strangers are scary, they might shoot me’. I tell you now, if you attempt to approach a stranger with the heart of God in your own heart, then he will not hurt you. We were never meant to feel fear, yet we fear fear itself and as a result, we try to make ourselves productive so that we don’t have to bother with the strangers and so we can make our own lives more comfortable for ourselves.

Well, I’ll leave you with this: as I’m coming to learn, there is meaning in suffering. Do not live in fear of the unknown so as to hide in your comfortable abode. Rather, embrace the unknown and love others without judgment. Sure, she’s homeless, yeah you can make fun of her, but guess what-she is freer than any employee in the world because she is not a slave to the economic chains that shackle the people. They shackle us out of fear that we may understand love, then break those chains, and live as we were meant to-without competition and without pride.

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