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Hello my dear readers,

Today’s article is all about the art of relaxing and resting in the knowledge (read: faith) that God is there. My goal with this article is to provide insight into the forays of getting your sh** together. Enjoy.

So, what does it mean to relax? How does one do this? I honestly don’t have a good answer. This article is as much a journey in self-exploration as much as it is an attempt at providing actionable insight for you. Yet perhaps insight and self-exploration aren’t too dissimilar…

Well, I define relaxation not as the state in which one lazes about coasting nonchalantly through life. Rather, relaxing to me means performing meaningful work that contributes to the betterment of this world and understanding that, as a result of your work, you can know that your needs are taken care of.

Many people struggle daily, and their struggles revolve around the following factors: security, shelter, food, clothing, and relative happiness. These are the main concerns of every person alive. I know that sounds ridiculously assumptive, and it is, but it is also the truth. I have yet to meet someone who does not care about having any of these things. Maybe my experience of life is limited. I don’t know. All I know is that, for the most part, people don’t want to stress about where their next meal will come from day to day. Most people (myself included) can’t relax, so I want to offer a perspective that might help you to relax even if only a little bit.

The ability to relax implies the knowledge or faith that your needs are taken care of. It implies your trust in God to have your back. It implies enjoying in the process of your meaningful contribution to the world and knowing that, even if you fail (and I mean fail hard), you will still be taken care of because your heart is in this battle with you. You haven’t forsaken your soul. For that, you can relax, even if your life isn’t absolutely glamorous.

Pertinent to my current life experiences, I have found that the ability to relax is the key to success. As Jim Carrey stated in his recent commencement speech (watch it here), “you can spend your entire life imagining ghosts, worrying about the pathway to the future. But all there will ever be is what’s happening here and the decisions we make in this moment which are based in either love or fear.” That resonates with me because Jim Carrey chose an “unstable” career – comedian. There’s no job security, pension plan, 401k, or anything like that. It’s unconventional as hell. You have the power to control how much fear will run the script of your life. Fear will never let you rest, so don’t yield to it.

Being able to relax means knowing what kind of contribution you want to give to the world and what it’s going to take to make ends meet without worrying about how it is all going to play out. It is not our job to figure out every single detail. As somewhat of a control freak, writing this is painful for me. It’s so damn hard to let go of control over your life. Planning is good, but don’t be surprised if your plans go to sh** real quick. You may have a plan A, B, and C, but plan A might turn to plan D right in front of your face. Nevermind plans B and C.

It’s tough. Unsettling. Disturbing. Nerve-wracking. Unyielding. But it is life. It is my opinion that security is an illusion. It is our job to live with ambiguity and insecurity. This is a skill that will take you far in life. Search for ambitious, meaningful contribution rather than security and stability. I am not standing on a hill waving a freedom flag telling everyone to abandon their current state of affairs. I just want to give you a different perspective through which you can see your life. I hope that you can relax and trust in the fact that your work for the world will pay fat dividends at the proper time.

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