Lessons from the Barbell

The power of lifting is not what you gain from it; it’s not about how much weight you can lift or how many reps you can pull. No. It’s about who you become in the process of lifting that weight.

The main lesson to be learned from the barbell is inner strength. 

You can only know the true strength of your character by challenging yourself to do more than you think you can. In this way, the actual weight means nothing. All that matters is that you are pushing yourself physically, psychologically, and emotionally beyond that which you thought impossible (or at least highly unlikely).

When you step up to the bar, your heart races and doubt may enter your mind. You may think to yourself, “I might not be able to do this. Should I lower the weight?” But instead of giving into the thoughts, you push on. You tell yourself “I can, and I will do this”. You acknowledge that it will be a difficult feat, yet you try anyway. That’s what counts.

A major parallel can be drawn here. We all face difficulties in our lives. Some of us have sh** bosses who think they own everything, even human souls. Others have marital strife and relationship problems (e.g., abusive men or that crazy b**** who cuts you). Fact is, life, much like the barbell, will present you with challenges. You have the choice to lighten the “weight” (e.g., run away), or stand up and say, “I’ll try regardless of the pain that may lie ahead”.

I believe that standing up to the barbell empowers you to stand up to the challenges of life. So go forth, be strong in the gym so you can be strong in your mind, body, and soul. Henceforth, life’s challenges serve a purpose – to help you grow stronger in every way.


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