Four Fundamental Truths About Fat Loss

My dear readers,

Today’s article is short and sweet. Here I list the four truths you must know about losing fat to reach your physical and health goals. Heed them carefully, and be sure that you don’t fall into the common traps that prevent so many others from making it to the end.

1. Energy balance matters: Calories in must be less than calories out. Now, I am not saying that a calorie from a cheeseburger is the same as a calorie from a bowl of steamed vegetables. Your body handles those calories differently, even to the point of genetic expression through alterations in your DNA. Don’t mess with your DNA. Visible signs of biological distress include: acne, improper muscular development, excessive fat tissue in the chest for men, excessive fat tissue in the suprailiac region for women, and so on).

2. Two prerequisites – commitment and patience: Be 100% committed to your exercise and nutrition programs. None of this 70/30 nonsense. Put your whole self into it. If you truly believe that you deserve to have a lean, fit body then work for it. Excuses are normal and expected, but you cannot let them rule you. Get over yourself and do it. Be ready to take your time. Do not listen to mass-media hype promising you “instant results in 30 days!”. It’s not safe and impossible to lose 30 or more pounds in a month. A pound a day? Really? Maybe if you live in a concentration camp loading trucks with heavy supplies for eight hours a day… But that’s not you.

3. Sustainable habit changes: This means simply to make new habits one at a time. Do not be the “hero” and start exercising 5 days per week while eating “paleo” and introducing yourself as the dude who does crossfit. Slow and steady wins the race here. Pace yourself when you’re ready to make changes. Be consistent with one change before implementing another. Confidence is key here. Be sure that you can execute the new habit like clockwork. Own it, then move on.

4. Surroundings matter: Be aware of your choices, for you are defined by the things you repeatedly do. Be aware of the things or people holding you back. You don’t have to get rid of the people in your life if they don’t support your goals of improving your looks and health, but if you stick too close they will drag you down day by day. I know this sounds bad, but it’s an unfortunate truth. Either get your friends on board or tell them to respect your decisions. Also, go to new places where your choices will be supported (the gym, the health foods store, etc.). There you’ll find people who understand your cause and can relate to you.

If you found this information of value, please let me know. If there is anything else you want me to discuss, your inquiries are much appreciated.

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