Education and Beyond

05_Flatbed_1 - NOVEMBER   Original Filename: 78019398.jpgThe institution is a place of higher learning that (ideally) would result in intellectual, personal, and spiritual gains that come with time over the four years I’ve spent here at Kalamazoo College. However, as the coming months dwindle away and my time here is nigh, I really wonder if it’s all worth it. How can I know if I will pursue a professional career because it’s what is expected of me as a result of attending this “prestigious school”, as people like to call it? What if my plans are much simpler? Does that make me a simpleton, a loser? It’s interesting to note that some people actually believe your worth lies in your achievement, and I admit, this cognitive distortion plagues my mind every time I consider the idea of not working professionally.

I believe that God has plans for me, the exact details of which He has not described to me yet. I can only be grateful for the blessings I’ve been given to even consider a path in my future-a luxury that most (though not all) take for granted here at the college. Millions of people never make the decision of graduate school vs post-grad job because they never get the chance to go to college in the first place. This realization only furthers my desire not to pursue a fancy career and to live simply to serve others, as my Jesuit high school background has taught me. Nonetheless, I will make something of this education and we’ll see where I end up one day. For all I know, it could be anywhere, and I’ll be happy with that so long as I can touch the hearts of others and help them get through this life.

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