How to do Dumbbell Lunges

The lunge is another great exercise to add to DCIM100GOPROyour arsenal of leg workouts. They activate the quads, glutes, and hamstrings throughout the movement, providing you with an overall well-rounded set of thunder legs (hell yeah!) So, here’s some steps on how to correctly perform the lunge. You can see the movement in the images from top to bottom. Mind you, in the pictures below, my legs are switched so I apologize for the confusion there, but focus on the form and positioning of the body.

1. Start with feet shoulder width apart, and place one foot a comfortable length in front of the other.
2. With your foot ahead of the other, let your back knee (of the leg that’s behind you) bend straight to the ground.
3. Let your back knee barely graze ground so your front leg comes down to about parallel with the ground (see the bottom-most image).
4. Extend your front leg by using your quad to push it back up.DCIM100GOPRO
5. Bring your feet back together in the starting position and switch legs (or keep repping out on one leg and then switch legs)
6. Remember to keep your back relatively straight throughout the movement – do not lean too far forward or backward – otherwise you will place undue stress on the lumbar spine (lower back).

And there you have it! A simple exercise for some serious gains in the leg muscles.














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