The Danger of Doubt

There is one thing that ultimately degrades our quality of life by destroying us from the inside out. This thing is called doubt, and it is the destroyer of many dreams. Doubt prevents our ideas and desires from becoming manifest in our lives. For what is life but the manifestation of one”s ideas?

The reality that we experience collectively has been brought forth by the ideas of humans with visions larger than themselves. They dreamed of things that people have never done before, and when they shared their ideas with others, they were laughed and scoffed at for their “ridiculous imagination”.

Many brilliant and successful men fit this bill, including: Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Bruce Lee, and the Wright brothers, amongst others. All of these men envisioned a reality vaster than the one they lived in. Unfortunately, the people around them did not share these ideas for the future, and decided to bring them down rather than inspire them to manifest their visions. All of these men had to fight resistance from their friends and colleagues. Hell, Guglielmo Marconi was sent to a psychiatric ward by his friends when he told them he invented a way to communicate with others without the need for wires (i.e., wireless radio). What would life be like now if his idea was never made into a reality?

It seems that society wants to put down those people who have a larger vision for the world. This is an unfortunate reality. The ultimate consequence of this is that it instills doubt in the minds of those with vision. The battle of overcoming your doubt is the greatest battle you will ever fight in your life. If you truly believe in something worth living for to the point where the very thought of it ignites a fire in your gut, then I can assure you that you have the drive to fight your battle against those who will try to bring you down. You will encounter people who will (unconsciously) be jealous of you because they see you moving on to something better and larger than yourself, and they cannot bear to feel you leaving them behind. Ignore them.

I think an illustration is in order: A fisherman sat on his boat with a bucket of crabs behind him (he was collecting them for the market). An observer noticed that one of the crabs was trying to escape from the bucket, climbing its way on top of the other crabs to get out. He called out to the fisherman, “hey, one of your crabs is about to escape!”. But the fisherman replied, “watch what happens”. Before he could blink, the observer noticed that the other crabs grabbed the top crab and brought him back down into the bottom of the bucket. Such is the way of human behavior as much as it is for crabs. Believe me when I tell you that some people in your life are those crabs. They will grab you and bring you down as you strive for something greater. Don’t let the crabs stay in your life. Get them out for good. Physical distance must be in place, boundaries set, and emotional ties cut off if you truly want to be successful.

The crabs in your life will instill doubt in you. They will make you second guess yourself. Once you give up your quest to answer, “why am I here, and what am I doing each day to live up to my purpose?”, then you have already lost. Find your reason for living so that you can realize your potential to its fullest. Be passionate about what you want your life to be. Don’t be someone who settles for a mediocre job with an insecure boss whose inferiority complex drives him to give orders for no reason other than to exert authority because that’s the only way he can obtain pleasure in life…

To remove doubt, look yourself in the mirror – right into your own eyes – and say “I will make my dream a reality. Each day I will take action to move closer to this goal”. Write it down to put it in concrete terms so your mind can work on the task while you sleep each night. Get the nay-sayers out of your life. Live your dream and don’t listen to those who say you can’t do it. It’s your life, so own it.


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