3 Steps to Take Action to Your Passion

Do you want to get paid and make a living doing what you love? Yeah? Great, this post is for you. (If not, then ignore this and continue in your slave-like existence to the system without personal fulfillment).

As I discussed in the previous post, reflection allows you to identify your passion and harness it either in words or as a burning sensation in your gut.

Now, you can sit all day with those words or feelings and still not get anywhere. So, here I will discuss how you can take action to move in the direction of your passion because, at the end of the day, your deeds far outweigh your words. As they say, “your actions speak so loudly that I can’t hear what you’re saying”. One last point; where is the fulfillment in not taking action? I’ll answer it for you: there is none. The only way you can actualize your passion is through purposeful action backed by a burning desire and persistence to live your dream regardless of the difficulties that lay ahead.

Now, here are three actions steps for you.

1. Do research on what it takes for you to do anything related to your dream. For example, I want to be a personal trainer, and in order to do that successfully while making income is to get a certification from a credible source. Therefore, I signed up for a year-long course from NASM in order to obtain a certification that allows me to work as a trainer at any gym I choose. Now, some of you might have passions that require NO certifications or degrees. For instance, my passion for writing about spiritual, emotional, and mental topics as well as physical fitness is expressed here on this blog without the need for any pre-requisites. So consider your options, and if you can honestly start now, then do so without hesitation.

2. Set goals for yourself and take baby steps each day to work toward your goals. For me, that meant writing out an annual goal (i.e., obtain personal training certification), and my baby steps involve spending my Saturdays in school and studying for exams outside of class. Additionally, I regularly visit personal training websites and blogs to learn more about fitness and nutrition so that I can be a reliable and motivating trainer for my clients. Lastly, be relentless in the pursuit of your goals. If you don’t accomplish every goal you set for yourself, that’s OK. Set another deadline, be persistent, and keep working hard so that you can reach your goals in due time.

3. Stop caring what other people think. As you move toward your dream, you will be concerned about what other people think of your passion. You may think to yourself, “but what if people think I’m just a loser who won’t make any money this way?” or “but what will my parents and friends think of me if I dropped out of school to do this?”. Those thoughts are perfectly normal, but you must learn to let go of them. Society has conditioned us to live up to other peoples’ expectations rather than living according to our own. Let your passion guide you through the process, one step at a time, of living your dream while getting paid to do it. It’s your life, and you only have oneĀ (note: I am not supporting the YOLO culture because that is only a superficial and misguided manner of living that lacks the fulfillment I am speaking of here).

Take action to your passion with these three steps and watch your life change right before your eyes. This has been and continues to be my experience, and I have faith that it will work for you, too.


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